Gatillazo + KOP in Terrassa

Sala Faktoria D'arts 20:30h

Los Gatillazo

Almost 30 years after his legendary  ‘No somos Nada’ Evaristo`s band realase a new album entitled ‘Como Convertirse Nada’, as we are becoming “nothing special as human race” they emphasis on the “cancellation” of the humanity, becoming buried under piles of media trash. ‘How to become nothing’ is a rough punkrock album. The new record had 14 new doses of irony and anger by the legendary singer Evaristo.



The new work of KOP, entitled ‘Radikal’ has been release just on time, while our country and our entire society is passing through a rough and uncertain period. This rebel metal band is well known for their live shows. Powerfull, energetic are few of their natural skills on the stage. The new album comes with an amazing book and double CD design with 17 new tracks to enjoy.


This night will be an amazing oportunity to see two of the best activist national band singing to you about our contemporary history with their tracks. They will show us that we need to take actions over our goverment decisions and giving up procrastination.

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  • Sala Faktoria D'arts
  • Carrer de la Rasa, 64-66 08221 Terrassa

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