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El Reno Renardo in Zaragoza

Teatro de las Esquinas 21:00h

Next 5th of February, “El Reno Renardo” will be performing their new album “Meriendacena con Satán” at Teatro de las Esquinas, Zaragoza.

“Meriendacena con Satán” is the fifth studio work of the most irreverent rock metal band of the country. They do a great job of mixing the different influences that feed them from the very beginning: “beef steak, cachopo and rich barley beer”
Musically it is a heavy album, possibly the heaviest to date, which at times can sound like classics bands such as Metalcrilator, The Hymen, Punishers or even New Yorkers Interior T. An album very carefully mixed by the band itself at GrabaSonic and mastered at Morton Studies (Ukraine).
The letters are varied and diverse one to each other, but to listen all of them together becomes a conceptual adventure through the mirror of the human soul full of evil thoughts and mad ideas. Their melodies lead us to our earlier TV times of our childhood and youth and their letters are full of issues that concern to the great social mass.
The LP artwork is done by Xabier Amezaga, which  captured perfectly the essence of the message to translate. All this makes “Meriendacena con Satán” is the best record in the history of humour Rock ever.

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  • Teatro de las Esquinas
  • Vía Universitas, 30, Esquina con Duquesa Villahermosa, 50017 Zaragoza

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