CRIM released their second LP

As many other bands in music history, CRIM was formed for friends whom flirt with music, instruments and words. Adrià, Javi and Marc established the initial project. They composed a bunch of good songs and recorded their first LP in 2011, “10 per veure millles one bona merda”.

Since then they have not stopped playing and have managed to add plenty of people to the band fans list wherever they go. They play a punk rock music that does not leave anyone indifferent. Adrià`s lyrics are sincere and fresh. Influences taken from Leatherface, Cock Sparrer, Social Distortion, The Blood, the Damned, Dag Nasty, Snuff, Poison Idea, Vanilla muffins, Undertones, The Jam … Their music exploded directly on you face. They sing in their native language, Catalan,  because they feel more comfortable expressing what they think.

5 years after that first record, Crim just released their second album, “Blau, Sang, Vermell Cel” (Blue Blood Red Sky) Be LP includes 13 new songs which still maintain the essence of punk rock, with its characteristic choirs and where you can tasted the influence of bands like Cock Sparrer Leatherface…

The new album was recorded and mixed by Santi Garcia in Costa Brava Grocer and  is published by the record company Bcore.

From Hysteria Music Mananagement we invite you to enjoy the music of Adrià, Javi, Marc and Quim. They are CRIM and you can enjoy their music clicking on the following link:

Bandcamp CRIM

Band: CRIM

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